Deborah Porter Glenn
- MS, Creative Life Coach
- CTA Certified Coach

Savannah, Georgia 31406 
PH: 912-231-0128
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About Me

I help creative people brainstorm their projects
confidently from concept to successful completion!

Hello, my name is Deborah Porter Glenn at Glenport Life, Creative Life Coaching. As a small business owner, fellow creative person, artist, and former art professor, I am familiar with how you can set and track your creative project goals, reposition work processes, break through creative blocks, and how to grow your inner and outer creative lives.

Deborah Porter Glenn

I am also familiar with the complexities of balancing multiple project goals within a business or personal work environment, juggling life and family priorities, and growing a creative project to its next level of completion.

My professional background includes teaching, coaching, brainstorming, planning small business startups, working with coordinating large and small businesses, event organizing, publishing visual and written materials, marketing/design, and working with diverse people of all ages and backgrounds. These wonderful and enriching experiences have taken me from classrooms to darkrooms to conference rooms, and from camp trails to road trips to family treks. It has all been, and continues to be, a life-long learning and listening, creative journey into the new and unknown.

As a creative person, myself, I am a parent, partner and professional. I have grown through many life challenges; personal and work/art related, have two adult sons, 2 rescue mutt dogs, and a husband of twenty-five years. In my free time, I enjoy meeting new people, having new experiences, a good walk, a good read, a good laugh, and a bright sunny day.

The connecting commonality of these varied experiences is the rewarding personal delight found in interacting with so many passionate, driven people. It is a distinct honor to listen, hear, coach, and celebrate the amazing unique creative stories each person has inside them. I look forward to working with you and being a part of your co-creative journey forward.

What is your next creative process or goal going to be?
Discover Your Most Creative You!

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