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Q: Are Coaching sessions virtual? A: Yes, Call, Email for a free 30-minute Discovery Session, follow up, choices of 50 -minute session packages (24-hour, no fee, cancellation).

Q. Who is an ideal Coaching Client? A: You, I have successfully coached entrepreneurs, artists, students, teachers, etc, towards new career-life goals, wins & best forward changes.

Q: Is Coaching confidential? A: Yes, all coaching is 100% confidential and protected, ICF Code of Ethics   https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics

Top 3 Reasons Creative Coaching Works!

1. You want more money, sales, flow, opportunities in your life.

2. You want to grow your work, creative, personal, life projects

3. You want stronger spiritual, artistic, creative life connections.

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GLENPORT LIFE - Creative Life Coaching, 1 Oglethorpe Professional Blvd, Suite 101, Savannah, Georgia 31406 -  PH: 912.224.0128 - glenportlife@gmail.com

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