Deborah Porter Glenn
- MS, Creative Life Coach
- CTA Certified Coach

Savannah, Georgia 31406 
PH: 912.231.0128
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Welcome to Glenport Life, Creative Life Coaching

I help creative people brainstorm their projects confidently from concept to successful completion!

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Are you excited to clarify your creative goals and strategize ways to map them forward?
Are you ready to envision your best creative, art, personal, professional life for yourself?
Do you want to explore your creative core values and how to live your fullest creative life?

Top Three Reasons Creative Life Coaching Works!

  1. You want more money, or income, sales flow from your creative, artistic projects.
  2. You want better relationships in your creative, artistic personal, professional lives.
  3. You want stronger health, creative, artistic, spiritual, and mental, physical health.

My ideal Creative Coaching Client is You! - seeking to problem-solve, co-create, move to the next level in your creative projects and life. I have successfully coached entrepreneurs, artists, book illustrators, teachers, writers, photographers, landscape designers, new business owners, musicians, ministers, students and others, to push and reach new visions and versions of their best desires, goals!

brushes Coaching is about YOU moving into YOUR most powerful future!

- You will discover what creative goals motivate and inspire you!
- You will discover how to strive and ignite your core creative fires!
- You will discover how to put your goals into successful actions!

I am excited to co-create, journey with you, as a project partner, supporter, and sharer of goals. You will brainstorm, clarify projects & goals through successfully mining your own wisdom.      You set your own pace, commit to action steps and work toward achieving those steps & goals.

1. Brainstorming: You want to co-create, have a project partner in brainstorming, motivation. 
2. Monetary Growth: You plan to increase, start, move to next level your creative project sales.
3. Finding Balance: You strive to find positive balance and time in your work and artistic lives.
4. Project Management: You scale, adapt, manage, new and on-going artistic, creative projects.
5. Time Management: You structure your goals to achieving bigger creative production deadlines, galleries.
6. Artist Challenges: You work new challenges specific to your medium, technology, techniques, styles.
7. Venues: You explore new avenues of exposure expansion for showing, publishing, sharing your work.
8. Commoditization: You market, brand, sell, repackage yourself, your art, your products, projects, outputs.
9. Growing Goals: You grow your personal and commercial art, work to the next level, expanding dreams.
10. Social Media: You harness and win in the wild lively world of social media, publicity, and marketing.

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