Deborah Porter Glenn
- MS, Creative Life Coach
- CTA Certified Coach

Savannah, Georgia 31406 
PH: 912-231-0128
[email protected]


WELCOME, Step up to Your Most Creative Life!


Session Package & Fees:  Phone or Email Now, for your Free, Complimentary, 30-minute Discovery Session! (virtual sessions: phone, Skype, Zoom, until?)

One-on-One Individual Sessions:

1. Individual - Individual or non-package follow-up sessions. (Regular Session rate & complimentary Discovery Session) 1 x $75 = $75.00

2. Dive-In - Three Session Package or 1 month. (Regular Session rate & complimentary Discovery Session) 3 x $75 = $225.00

3. Explore - Six Session Package or 1.5 months. (With a 3% discount & complimentary Discovery Session) 6 x $73.00 = $438.00

4. Journey- Twelve Sessions or 3-Month Package/90 days. (With a 5% discount & complimentary Discovery Session) 12 x $72 = $864.00

Six Secure Payment Systems:  1. Cash  2. Check  3. Money Order  4. Zelle your bank to bank secure transfers, 5. Venmo through the business name Glenport Life Coaching or @Glenportlife 6. Credit Card/PayPal with "Pay Now" button below - (write, mail checks: Glenport LLC, c/o CG Accounting, 1 Oglethorpe Prof, Blvd, Suite 101, Savannah, GA, 31406) - Thank You!

Session Packages

Come be part of a group or team event! Also ask about student rates & student events!

Free Group Activities: Creative Core Rapport, Sunday Afternoon Walk & Talk: Free! Date: Sunday afternoons. Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm (good weather permitting). Location: Lake Mayer City Park, 1850 E. Montgomery Cross Road, Savannah, GA 31406. Meet in parking lot by main gate, walk and talk together and enjoy the great outdoors, 1 lap (1.4 miles), or 2 laps (2.8 miles) at a safe C-19 distance. Come comfortably dress in walking shoes. (or email me directly to meet at: [email protected])

Share Package: Creative Life Connection Circles – limit 6-8 people, Monthly 1-hour meeting - TBA, Ask about next group meeting!


- Project Sharing Circle: Sharing circle work towards developing and brainstorming creative projects and share with group. 
- Creative Core Critiques: Bring one piece to each meeting to share, discuss, critique, and share at each session with group.
- Artist Statements: Plan how to, why to, what to say in an artist statement, write, edit and share at each session with group. 
- Creative Vision Boarding & Creative Vision Journaling: Create vision boards, journal for a six-week journey, and share.

Creative Writing & Blogging!
- Creative Core Copy Blog: Create a blog, Journal about your creative process.

- Monthly Creativity Catch-Up! What’s new each month to look at, think about? 

All creative expression is celebrated as positive movement in all our creative journeys.



- Jamie H., Savannah, GA
“It works! Deborah, you are a natural at coaching! Thanks, for all your encouragement and insight.”


- Catherine, O., Georgetown, GA
“Beautiful! Thank you for helping me find my needed resources! Brings back good memories. It was a great session today. Thank you so much. I have drawn all afternoon.”


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